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Introduction: A brief history of reading and me 

Books were always very important to me, I loved reading since before I started to read. Trips to the library and the bookstore were my absolute favorite. Getting to know other places and people through books, it was amazing. I was homeschooled from first grade all the way through 12th grade and not having homework gave me more time for pleasure reading. I used to take the small flashlight out of my glow worm toy and read after my light was turned off at night. In high school I had perfected reading and walking through crowds at the same time without bumping into anyone, which came in handy whenever I was in a social situation that made me uncomfortable. Usually it was going to football games at the local high school some of my friends that attended invited me to. Then I started college and like a lot of people I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I took general education classes, getting those out of the way and sort of feeling out what subjects I liked.
English classes were one of my favorites and I realized I was taking more than my required amount of English classes. I enjoyed the classes, reading and writing, analyzing texts and suddenly I decided I was going to be an English major. I’d always wanted to write books, it made sense to me.
I began taking creative writing classes and literature classes. I studied many works I was already a fan of and discovered new works that became favorites. The Yellow Wallpaper, Edgar Alan Poe, Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal, The Handmaid’s Tale and The Trial are a few that come to mind. I spent a month in Oxford, England to study literature there. I walked three miles on a sprained ankle to see Tolkien’s grave, an injury that still acts up at times and I’ve come to refer to it as my “Tolkien injury”.
2012 I graduated with my B.A. in English and in the fall I got married. I suddenly felt like reading for pleasure was a chore. I’ve struggled to read through novels that shouldn’t have been hard at all. I was burnt out in reading. I’d spent five years reading for a grade and now trying to read just wasn’t fun. I could read the occasional book but it took me forever to read them.
Last year I picked up Outlander to read, I started watching the show and decided I wanted to read the book. I ended up reading the first three books of the series. Those books are fairly hefty reads too so I was really impressed with myself that I read them. And that I did so while I was pregnant because I was completely miserable then. I couldn’t keep food down all nine months, I had trouble with the ligaments in my hips and pelvis from six months on, and all sorts of other pleasant times that had me curled up and moaning.
Which brings us to the beginning of 2016. My daughter is two months old now and I’ve been stuck sitting a lot nursing her. You wouldn’t really think too much about it but nursing is boring. You’re stuck and have nothing to do, movement is incredibly limited. I’ve been feeling the urge to read more and keep myself entertained.
I found on tumblr someone mention something about a reading challenge on popsugar, I looked it up and was really interested in the idea. I really liked the versatility it offered to pick something that fit the category not specific books. I want to push myself this year so I decided why stop at reading forty books? Then I came upon the idea to write reviews of the books on goodreads and it just spiraled. Thus this blog was born. I’m planning to review books and post them here and goodreads, also to use this to talk about my journey through this list, when I’m having issues and anything else that comes up.


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