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In one of the many conversations I’ve had with both my sisters about this challenge, my youngest sister Liz brought up the site when we were discussing buying books. I decided to check it out, it seemed really neat, I have no issue with used books as long as they haven’t been written in so I figured this would be a good thing to try out. First thing I look for on any online ordering is how much shipping is. On thriftbooks you only need to spend ten dollars to get free shipping. Ten dollars! That’s so easy! I’m such a sucker for spend this much and get free shipping. I’d rather add eight more dollars to my order than pay four dollars in shipping. And I really detest when online shops outside of etsy don’t have this feature (looking at you Disney store). So I knew I could easily get free shipping for any orders.

Another thing that I like is their wishlist feature, when books are added to the wishlist you will get an email alert when it is in stock. Which is nice, because the books are not always in stock. So if there’s a specific book you want you’ll know exactly when it’s back in stock and because of the cheap prices some of the more popular books can sell out fast. The wishlist also tells you how many books on average they get, how often and how many other people are watching the same book. All neat features that I really appreciate.

I made two orders, one order was Anna Karenina and Throne of Glass and a few days later I ordered Across the Universe, The Courtship of Princess Leia and Madame Bovary. My first shipment arrived and my copy of Anna Karenina looked a bit odd in the spine. I opened it to look at the pages and discovered it was missing the first 188 pages.

This concerned me, I ordered a good condition book and it came like this. I’d never had any experience with this site so I didn’t know how good their customer service was or what my other three books arriving would look like. I sent an email through their form on their site about the book. I heard back within 48 hours, they apologized and promised a new copy would be coming and that it would be in the condition I’d ordered originally. They told me there was no need to return the copy I received already. Which was a relief to me because I hate going to the post office.

My other books arrived, taking longer than anticipated because of the storms in Janurary, and they were all in the condition I ordered them. My second copy arrived and it was perfect. I gave the damaged book to my mom since she’s wanted to try some crafting ideas that require book pages but never wanted to destroy a book for. Since it was already damaged and unreadable she didn’t have an issue with it.

I was really happy overall with my orders, their customer service was great and other than this one mix up everything was perfect. I probably will order from them again as I’m still watching several books in my wishlist.

One thing I will warn you, always compare prices with Amazon, sometimes new copies of recently published books are cheaper there. Free shipping is cheaper to get to on thriftbooks so you have it take that into consideration.

★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars


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