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A New York Times bestseller

Warning: This review will contain spoilers.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Star rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars

Summary: Celaena Sadothien is a well known assassin who was sentenced to work in Endovier salt mines after she was caught. The Crown Prince offers her a chance at freedom by entering a competition to become the King’s champion. She agrees and travels with them to the Capitol where she begins training and the competition. Her competition begins dying under mysterious circumstances and she works to put an end to the killings and still win.

Reasons behind picking this book: This book was in my wish to read list after I heard it was based on Cinderella as an assassin. Cinderella is my favorite princess so I was immediately interested. I figured a spot in the challenge that I could put the book so I could read it.

Review: I was very disappointed to find this really wasn’t a Cinderella retelling at all. Maas was inspired by Cinderella but not much remains in this story of the fairy tale. Aside from that though, I don’t feel too strongly either way about this book. The story was interesting but it left a lot of questions it raised unanswered. I know that it is part of a series but I dont feel inclined to read any more of this series.

There was a whole lot of time spent describing the clothing in this book. Nearly every outfit of Celaena’s was given a very detailed description. These grew annoying to me, a couple times is not bad but I literally do not need to know every second what a character is wearing unless it is relevant.

Maas also has very odd ways of creating chapters. A lot of her chapters end mid action and pick right back up in the next chapter. I don’t really get the need to do this, it was just distracting as a reader.

If the back of this book hadn’t told me it was a love triangle, I literally would not have known. Chaol acts only as a friend at his nicest but usually seems to dislike Celaena a great deal. At first I thought Nox was the other love interest because they were at least friendly toward each other. The rest of the time was pretty focused on Dorian as her love interest.

I liked the concept of fae in this story but wish there had been more. It was really promising when Celaena found a gift in her tent on her way to Rifthold and I expected a whole lot more than there ended up being.

I did appreciate that my edition had a pronunciation guide in the back. It was extremely helpful since I wouldn’t have the first clue of how to pronounce most of these names.

Recommendation: It feels like a fairly standard YA novel which isn’t a bad thing. I think it’s interesting and fun but if you’re looking for Cinderella look elsewhere.

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