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A graphic novel

Warning: This review will contain spoilers

Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen by Daniel T. Thompson

Star rating: ★★ ☆☆ ☆ 2/5

Summary: In a graphic novel based on the ABC show, Queen Regina hatches a new plot to kill Snow White by employing werewolves.

Reasons for picking this book: I received this from my friend when we exchanged Once themed presents. I was previously considering reading the latest Black Widow run because I got the graphic novels for Christmas but I read most of them before and I wanted to read something entirely new.

Review: I don’t feel this added anything to the tv story. I was hoping it would but it was just a typical Regina tries to kill Snow and fails. The way the description read I thought it would show some more in depth about the Huntsman and Regina. I don’t think it did at all.

I didn’t like how it constantly changed artists, I feel in agoraphobia novel this short that the art should be consistent. I’m really picky about art in my comics, if I don’t like the art I have a hard time getting into the story. Constant change in the art disrupts my flow as a reader.

I didn’t like the random romance subplot between Red and the Huntsman. There is no reference to this in the show so to just toss it in like this doesn’t make sense. It’s about as pointless as Dreamy and Nova in the show itself. There was no real plot in this and then it just fizzled out.

Overall, I thought it was boring. I was really disappointed, they could have done so much more with this. Most of the art was pretty even if the constant switching was distracting. I think if the art was consistent I might have been more into the story.

Recommendation: I don’t think it’s really anything anyone is missing out on.

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