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Ten books read: time for an update

I’ve been pretty happy so far with this challenge, it feels good to get back into the swing of reading. I’ve read ten books so far which is a lot more than I had been doing lately. I feel like I’m actually accomplishing something and I’m pretty proud of myself.

One of the prettiest books I’ve read

I have hit a bit of a wall at the moment in my reading for two different reasons. First of all, the book I’m reading is the first of a trilogy but there was a different trilogy that came first. I’m missing a lot of the world building so I’m a bit lost. It’s sort of hard to work out what’s going on. Plot wise, I dont think I missed out on much but the rules of this world are not present. So reading is going slow because I’m trying to figure out as I read. It’s interesting though so I don’t want to give up.

The second reason is a bit tougher to get around. I usually do most of my reading while nursing my daughter but she’s been having issues with her weight, she’s not really gaining much so I’m having to supplement with formula. She won’t take a bottle so I’m having to use something called SNS (supplemental nutrition system). It’s basically a bottle with a very thin tube that you place in the baby’s mouth as she nurses. It requires both hands since I have to hold her and the tube in place. That eats up a lot of my reading time. Not to mention stress from this whole thing because I don’t know why she’s not gaining weight. The doctor is working with me to figure it out but it’s still tough. It’s just hard to focus too hard on reading.

It’s just begging to be used in photos

I received in the mail a signed paperback of Ruined from M.C. Frank as thanks for reading and reviewing. She also included two bookmarks that are laminated. Which is great because my dog keeps tearing up any paper ones I use.

So for right now in my list of priorities, reading has taken a back seat. I’m trying to read a bit every day but I’m not reading a whole lot at a time, maybe four pages. I’m still motivated to read which I think is a good sign. Hopefully we will figure out what my daughter’s problem is and she can start gaining weight and I can get back into my reading challenge.


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