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A YA Bestseller

Warning: this review will contain spoilers.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Star rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Summary: Kaz Brekker brings together a crew of six criminals in order to break into an impenetrable fortress and free a scientist by the name of Bo Yul-Bayer.

Reasons for picking this book: Honestly? Aesthetics. I saw the book at Costco and it was super pretty to me. I didn’t know anything about it.

Review: I didn’t realize this was part of a world that was already established in a previous trilogy. It took a while to figure out the world since the world building had been done in the other books. But it did not seem like this book featured previous characters so after a bit I was able to just focus on them because I didn’t think I was missing anything.

I really liked the characters of this book, how there were different POV chapters. I wish Wylan had been given any POV chapters but I understand needing to not to keep the reveal about him and his relationship with his father a secret. But I want to know if Jesper’s crush on him is returned by Wylan or if it’s one sided. But I guess that can be answered in the next book. The rest of the characters were very compelling. I liked their relationships with each other especially Nina and Matthias.

There were a lot of times where I thought that the crew wasn’t going to manage to pull it off and were stuck but they made it through narrowly and I didn’t feel like there was any deus ex machina. It was all believable to me within the rules of this world.

There was one point of the book that made me squeamish to read. I’m not usually bothered by reading violence but when Kaz pulled out Oomen’s eyeball I was really grossed out. That was the only part of the book that made me really uncomfortable.

The book ended on a cliffhanger, one that made me eager to read more rather than being irritated it ended. Some cliffhangers feel like just a ploy to make sure you read the next book I didn’t feel that way with this one. It also made me want to read the first trilogy so I’m better aquatinted with this world.

This book is also one of the prettiest books I’ve ever seen. It really added to the overall feel of the book.

Recommendation: Read the Grisha trilogy before this book.

Up next: Across the Universe – A romance set in the future.


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