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A book recommended by someone you just met

Warning: This review will contain spoilers.

Goddess of Spring by P.C. Cast

Star rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars

Summary: Forty-three year old Lina has fallen on hard times and is struggling to keep her bakery from going under. In a desperate attempt she uses a spell/recipe combo she finds in a book to ask Demeter for help. Demeter offers a trade to Lina to have her swap bodies with her daughter Persephone and visit the Underworld for six months while Persephone helps Lina’s bakery.

Reasons for picking this book: I thought this would be a tough category. What was I supposed to do just ask every new person I met for a book suggestion? But luckily there was a Valentine’s book swap I found on tumblr and since I didn’t previously know the person paired with me, I thought it worked out pretty good.

Review: I was really excited by this book, Hades and Persephone are my Greek otp, one of the few Greek myths that I still enjoy in my adult years. A lot of Greek myths haven’t aged well with me as I’ve come to understand them better.

I wasn’t sure how this book would work for me with the main character Lina inhabiting Persephone’s body, but I thought overall that it worked. I’m not really sure that I liked that Lina was middle-aged, part of the best part of Persephone is her youthfulness, which she didn’t really bring to the relationship.

Hades was spot on in characterization for me. I really dislike that Hades in a lot of media is made to be evil and the Underworld is basically the modern idea of Hell. He was shown as the fair God of myth which made me really happy and also pointed out Hades was not frivolous with love like the other gods. I was annoyed that Lina kept comparing him to Batman, I just didn’t understand that?

I liked that our world and Olympus were two separate dimensions basically, I think it was neat how Cast worked that. It was hard for me to believe that Lina read a recipe that was half a spell and went with it. I don’t think that was realistic but I understood that Cast had to find some way to get her plot moving.

The back of the book made me think it would be more of an erotic novel than it actually turned out. Maybe it’s just that I read a lot of fanfiction, I tend to find fanfiction smut is far more better written than any published works.

I breezed through the book easily and I liked it, but part of my wishes it had been just a straight Hades and Persephone. I appreciate wanting to put a twist on the story but I would have liked to see more of Persephone herself. Still it was pretty enjoyable though. The best twist for me was that Orpheus was an abusive husband that Hades and Lina mistakenly let him take Eurydice from the Underworld and had to quickly fix the situation. I mean, Greek mythology isn’t wanting of spousal abuse but making Hades and Lina be charmed by Orpheus and almost not realizing he was abusive seemed realistic.

Recommendation: It was a pretty fun book overall, I think if you enjoy Greek myths this could be a good book to check out.

Up next: Madame Bovary – A book at least 100 years older than you.


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