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Update since it has been a bit

I’ve been struggling with this last book I’m reading, I’ve been reading it since april and I’m getting close to done but it’s annoying me how behind in my challenge it’s made me. Granted, I have had a lot of things going on.

Early on in April I went to get my oil changed in my car and the place I got it done at didn’t tighten the oil filter and fried my engine. I had to take it to get fixed and fight with the place I got my oil changed at to have their insurance pay for the repairs and a rental car. This whole ordeal lasted until the last week of May when I finally got my car back with a new engine. It was a source of high stress for me and made it hard for me to focus on an already challenging book.

Then my best friend from Georgia came to visit me. We went a bunch of places and hung out. It was a lot of fun, but I didn’t do much reading because I hadn’t seen her in over a year so I was focused on spending time with her. Of course she only stayed about five days so it didn’t really cut too much into my reading time.

I was still struggling with my daughter to get her to gain weight. She started solid foods which seemed to be up and down on whether it helped or not. She’d gain a lot one week and then the next gain nothing. Which is always super frustrating. Plus now she spends most of the time awake which leaves little time for me to do. The things that I like to do as hobbies take a backseat in importance which means less reading time, especially since now she’s figured out grabbing things and will try to grab my book from my hands.

Mother’s Day was also this month and it was pretty nice. My first one! My husband got me a very pretty illustrated edition of Alice in Wonderland.

Seriously a beautiful edition

The last week of May I started having back pain and abdominal pain, I have been used to real bad back pain since giving birth to my daughter. But the abdominal pain was new. I went in to see my doctor and she said that it looked like I had a pelvic infection, she gave me an antibiotic prescription and told me to come back in if it got worse. That afternoon I went to my parent’s house to spend time with my mom. (I don’t remember what I was planning to do there, I think I was going to help her with her blog). I spent most of the afternoon napping in my mom’s bed. I woke up hurting really bad, but of course I had no desire to go into the ER. Last time I went at the beginning of May for back pain and nausea they charged me 50 bucks not to look at me and give me a prescription for norco pain pills. My mom insisted though and drove me to the ER. (Let’s pause and keep in mind I still did not have my car back and was still driving a rental car)
They started with an IV and ran some different tests on blood and such, gave me some pain mess in the IV. I’m very sensitive to pain meds so the high powered stuff makes me real loopy. One nurse asked for my left arm and I went “You got to help me out I can’t figure out which is which” so that’s about how I was the whole time on pain meds. I was nervous going in with abdominal pain it was my appendix, in the last year my younger sister and my brother both had their appendix out. Two out of four has left me and my other sister feeling like ticking time bombs. They told me they suspected I had stones in my gallbladder so they took me to get an ultrasound. They found my gallbladder was full of stones and that I’d thrown a stone and it was lodged between my liver and pancreas adding pancreatitis on top of that. I was admitted to the hospital which was so not fun. I hate being alone places and I had to not only spend the night alone but I was told my whole hospital stay I could not have my baby visit. So I was a bit of a mess.
Two days later my gallbladder was removed and then after five days total I was able to go home. Not a fun experience at all. But during all this my car was finally ready so my husband took back the rental and brought my car home.

Of course, now out of the hospital from sudden emergency surgery I had a lot of restrictions on me. So my mom came home with me to help me out with my baby and lifting things in general. Recovery felt so slow, mostly because I couldn’t do much of anything. I tried some reading but it was too hard being on pain pills. Recovery was supposed to be 2-4 weeks and it was looking more and more like it would be on the longer end of that estimate.

My husband two weeks ago brought home a stray dog he found. She’s about nine years old and a yorkie. I’ve been looking for her owners, doing everything I can think of and that Google searches tell me. I haven’t found anything though and we’re afraid that she was dumped. After thirty days she is legally ours and we’re planning to keep her if we can’t find her owners. She’s so sweet and adorable.

Yorkie or as my husband calls her “OD” for Other Dog

I’m hoping to finish Madame Bovary soon. I’m really close to the end but it’s just getting the time to finish it. I want to start checking books off again.


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