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A book from the library

“‘You, my darling,’ he said to one of my breasts, ‘are an absolute fucking genius.’
I always hoped I would turn out to be a genius, but I never believed it would happen to me–or my left breast.”

Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding


Star rating: ★★★ ☆☆ 3/5 stars

Summary: Single, thirty-something Londoner Bridget Jones starts a dairy to keep track of her life. She writes about her love life, family, habits and career, following one year of her life.

Reasons for picking this book: I picked this book up at a library sale, I’ve always wanted to read the book since I’ve seen the movie several times.

Review: I gave this book three stars even though I really enjoyed much of the book. However, the focus on Bridget’s weight really turned me off this book. She isn’t even overweight and she constantly talks about trying to diet and moaning about her weight. There are several times she’ll write that she only ate 700 calories that day and congratulates herself. Considering how unhealthy that is it really bothered me.

I’d only seen the movie before reading and I almost think that a movie is a better medium for this story. I just felt way too in Bridget’s head the entire book, I mean obviously it is a diary but it was hard to continue the story as it was just shown through Bridget’s eyes.

One change that the movie made was the ending and I really prefer the ending in the book. As entertaining as the knock out fight between Mark and Daniel is, the book ending is so much cuter. Mark rescues Bridget from a boring and cringe-worthy Christmas with her family and their friends and takes her to a fancy hotel. They start their own inside joke with each other and are just generally adorable. It’s really sweet ending and I like it so much better.

The style and language of the book reminded me of the Angus, Thongs and Full frontal Snogging books I read as a teen. I’m sure that series was a homage to this one. So it felt a bit familiar.

Overall it is pretty fun book, Bridget is likable but the focus on weight just deterred me from loving this book and I likely will not read the other books in the series. It kinda annoys me because it’s just one thing that kept me from liking this book as much as I could.

Recommendation: It’s overall pretty fun and you’ll probably like the book if you really liked the movie.

Up next: Yes Please – A book written by a comedian


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