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A book you haven’t read since high school

“Geez! Whatever happened to the nice grandmothers, who bake brownies for you and tell you how precious you are? It’s just my luck I get one who has tattooed eyeliner and tells me I look like a hooker.”

The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

Star rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars

Summary: 14 year old Freshman Mia learns that her parents have been keeping a big secret from her– she’s a princess. Mia tries to navigate high school, Princess lessons and keeping her new status a secret.

Reasons for picking this book: I was going back and forth between this one and Interview with the Vampire. I decided to read this one because I loved the series as a kid (though strangely never finished? I think that’s due to reading most of them from the library) and I wanted something light and fun.

Review: There is so much I forgot about this series and now I want to go out and buy the rest of the books to re-read.

Mostly what I remembered was from the movie (I know, I know but Julie Andrews is Queen). Re-reading this I had to face just how unalike the movie and book really are. I forgot that Mia lives in Manhattan not San Francisco (although come on guys west coast is best coast), that her father is still alive and that she knew her grandmother and father fairly well. I also forgot that she’s vegetarian (well so Mia claims but she admits she eats fish so not sure that’s the same thing), when I first read this book years ago Mia constantly stating she’s a vegetarian bugged me. Now, I get it. She’s fourteen and it’s something that’s important to her and something she feels makes her unique. That’s a big deal to kids that young.

The book was as fun as I remembered, but a lot of dated pop culture references. A lot of mentions of Party of Five. I didn’t ever watch that show, but I think that would go way over a lot of kids heads today as well. Also a lot of references to Princess Diana.

I mostly skipped over any of Mia’s algebra homework she wrote down in her diary. I’m terrible at math and I could not tell you if anything that she wrote was correct or not.

I felt like Lilly is super hard on Mia, she seems like she criticizes everything she does. Which is weird because I remember Lilly being a much better friend than that and not holding a grudge against Mia for most of the book. And I totally didn’t remember Tina at all and now I want to know if she’s in more of the series because I really liked her.

Overall it’s still fun to read and a quick read too. Definitely well worth another re-read for me.

Recommendation: it’s a super fun book whether it’s your first time or you’ve read it before.

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