Yureka Books Review

Another non-book review post from me? What is the world coming to? Well it is a review post and I’m currently reading one of the tougher books I’ve got in my TBR. Hopefully I finish it this month. But you’ll hear about that eventually– on to the topic at hand! In August I decided thatContinue reading “Yureka Books Review”

Planning and Book Blogging

Getting back into reading isn’t the only new hobby I’ve started this year. I’ve also become interested, well obsessed is better, with planning. Yes, like a calendar but it’s honestly so much more. The first layer for me is decorating. I use washi tape and stickers mainly. Some stickers I have made myself (I haveContinue reading “Planning and Book Blogging”

A book from Oprah’s Book Club

“A backward noplace ruled by men whose power to control was out of control and who had the nerve to say who could live and who not and where; who had seen in lively, free, unarmed females the mutiny of the mares and so got rid of them.” Paradise by Toni Morrison Star rating: ★★★★Continue reading “A book from Oprah’s Book Club”