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Planning and Book Blogging

Getting back into reading isn’t the only new hobby I’ve started this year. I’ve also become interested, well obsessed is better, with planning. Yes, like a calendar but it’s honestly so much more. The first layer for me is decorating. I use washi tape and stickers mainly. Some stickers I have made myself (I have little to know skills but you can see mine are simply screenshots cropped and resized, the nicer box stickers were made by my friend @lovelyladykaty), some I have bought and most I have downloaded from artists that upload their work on Facebook groups.


The decoration is fun for me, I like playing around with washi and stickers, I share some of the spreads I put together on Facebook and Instagram. I like seeing other peoples as well.

Another part of planning is community. I am a member of numerous planner Facebook groups, follow planner instagrams, have a planner penpal and I’ve attended the Michael’s “Planning wih Michaels” events. I’ve met some really nice people and talked with a bunch of people that share my interests. There are a lot of ladies with amazing talents, I’m always amazed by their work especially since I have no photoshop or editing skills of my own. I’ve tried but I have some embarrassing results. So anyone that can manage to make anything is super impressive to me.

Then, of course, is the functionality of the whole thing. I don’t have a lot of appointments to keep track of but I keep track of a lot of things in my planner. I track if I take my meds, if I workout (rarely happens), if I write, update Instagram, when I get penpal letters, when I need to go to the post office and several other things.


But my main point of this particular blog post is about tracking my reading. All the stickers I use for tracking my reading comes from @monicasmarvels. I’ve been tracking how many minutes I read each day, what Instagram prompts I have to do for the day and a weekly tracker for what I read that week and my current thoughts.


I’ve been liking using these to track, I feel like it gives me a good look at how I’m doing in my reading. Some days I feel like I’m not making any progress but keeping track lets me see just how much I am doing so I know whether I need to step it up or if I’m on track. It also gives me incentive to read so that I can write it down in my planner.


I have a lot of people, groups and stores that I follow but here is a list of my favorites:





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