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A murder mystery

“On the train on the way home, as I dissect all the ways that today went wrong, I’m surprised by the fact that I don’t feel as awful as I might do. Thinking about it, I know why that is: I didn’t have a drink last night, and I have no desire to have one now. I’m interested, for the first time in ages, in something other than my own misery.”

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

Star rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Summary: Rachel rides the train everyday past her ex-husband’s house and the house of a couple she thinks of as the perfect couple. She makes up stories about them in her head, when the woman Megan goes missing she becomes obsessed with trying to help solve the case, becoming more entangled than she could have imagined.

Reasons for picking this book: I’ve seen this book around a lot this year and it’s sounded really good. I was planning on reading it eventually but then my new favorite podcast, My Favorite Murder, mentioned it and I decided to go ahead and read it now.

Review: I think this book is another one that lives up to the hype. I was hooked into this book very quickly and consumed it as fast as I could. The story is great and all the characters are fascinating.

I liked that Rachel was an alcoholic, making her an unreliable narrator for most of the book. It left the reader wondering if she could be trusted. All of the characters have deep flaws which made them all believable to me. Everyone was also shady as fuck making me not able to pinpoint until the reveal who done it. I like mysteries where it’s hard to figure out who committed the crime.

I loved how the book is told through the perspective of three women. I didn’t really like Anna until the very end of the book. Then my opinion of her changed completely. (But still her whole “my life is sooooo perfect” thing drove me nuts). But having it told through these women was really nice, I prefer female main characters more, especially really well written ones.

There were surprises for me throughout the whole novel, I didn’t see a lot of it coming, which I liked. It’s always a bit of a bummer when you can predict what’s going to happen. But that wasn’t the case for me here, it was really well done revealing just enough as the plot progressed.

Recommendations: If you like thrillers or murder mysteries, this is definitely a book for you to read. It’s exciting and lives up to the hype.

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