Non review post

Yureka books unboxing

Hurray I got my second Yureka Books box! I’m loving this box more and more, this month was en pointe once again!

Before I get to the contents I want to mention that if you want to get your own box you can sign up at and use referral code: BECKYMCMANNIS for 10% off your first month.

Now on to the box!

There were more goodies in this box than last time! This time in addition to the bookplates, personal letter from the CEO and magnetic bookmark, there was also an art print, another bookmark (paper) and a signed bookplate from Anna Banks author of Nemesis. Yureka is selling Nemesis as an add on book and I believe those copies are all signed, so it was a cool promo for that.


So, best part… THE BOOKS!


First book was The Mirk And Midnight Hour by Jane Nickerson, which is a historical fiction set in Georgia and it sounds very Southern Gothic. I swear my best friend Katlin is purposefully making the universe send me signs to try to trick me to move to Georgia where she lives. I had heard of this book briefly before and it sounds very appealing. Can’t wait to read.

Then I got Winterspell by Claire Legrand. I am most excited about this book from my box, guys. It’s a Nutcracker retelling!! How cool is that? I’d never even heard of anyone doing a retelling of the freaking Nutcracker and here it is! Just in time for me to start reading after Halloween as I make my yearly transition into Buddy the elf.

Last I got The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, a book I’ve heard so many talking about, including aforementioned best friend and my younger sister. I’ve been told I need to read this and I’m glad this came in my box so now I can easily!


This month was so good and I think I’ve made the best choice in book subscription boxes. This one just fits me so well, I know a lot of people like boxes with one book and a lot of themed items but I’m not really a fan. Sure bookish items are fun but those are something I want to pick out myself. Like, for example, if I’m going to get any Harry Potter merch for myself all I want is either Hufflepuff or Neville Longbottom. I can get particular, which is why a box of purely just books fits me so well. I’m excited to see what November brings me, I need to report back how much I like these books so that for the next box they can have even more info to pick out my new box.



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