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Yureka Books Unboxing

My Yureka box arrived today! It would have been here yesterday if it wasn’t for Thanksgiving so it was weird to fill out the survey for which books I want next month without knowing what books I got this month.

Before I get to the contents of my box, I want to do a sort of general update. So I feel good about my challenge, if I don’t finish it I’m going to come damn close. This week I started not one new book… But three! Am I over doing it? I don’t know, maybe but I have a system which justifies it. So one book is a short story anthology so it is easy to switch to other things without losing where I am, another is a book for a book club I started on Facebook (Planner Girl Book Club) and the third is an ebook ARC that I’m reading on my phone. I’m trying to read on my phone instead of endlessly scrolling through social media. Especially since Gilmore Girls just came out, I am trying so hard not to look at anything and spoil anything. Hopefully this doesn’t blow up in my face. But I figure if it starts to get difficult in any way then I’m going to drop something.

Now on to my box! I really need to stop tearing it open so quickly. I never get a shot of the books wrapped up in the beautiful blue tissue paper. I just get so eager to see what’s inside!


So the extras included were the usual magnetic bookmark (mine sadly has had the design start to peel up which is unfortunate because it was my favorite one so far), bookplates, a magnet, and a signed bookplate for The Diabolic. Of course the letter from the ceo explaining what is included in my box.


The first book was Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins, it’s a supernatural book about a southern belle who becomes a guardian. I’m really excited about this book and I’ve been eyeing it for a while, I love the idea of the book and I can’t wait to read it.


The second is Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, I’ve seen this book so much since joining the online book community. I figure it’s one of those you just can’t avoid. It’s a fantasy book about a world where the color of people’s blood decides their status. The cover is beautiful and I’ve heard a lot of people praise this book so I’m excited by it.


The last book is Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler, it’s a nonfiction about science things? I’m not sure. To be honest this book is the first disappointment I’ve experienced with Yureka. I don’t like nonfiction and it sounds sort of interesting but in a someone else sum it up for me because I don’t want to read it way. I’ll probably attempt to read it. If the Yureka forum was active at all I would post to see if anyone wants to trade but there has not been a post there since July 2015 so looks pretty dead there. Oh well, third box and only one book not my style? Pretty successful if you ask me.


Now the real question I’m struggling with is whether to continue this subscription or not. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and I’ve loved every box but I’ve sort of built up a surplus of books to read and its growing a little too large. I feel like I really need to read through what I have now. Maybe that will be my challenge of 2017, not to buy any new books until I have read everything I already own. ARCs don’t count in that though. I’m not sure yet, I need to figure out what I’m doing for next year, I don’t think I want to do a challenge and I need to re-format how I’m writing reviews because I’ve been formatting them in a way that fits with the challenge.


Anyways, as usual if you are interested in your own Yureka box subscription use the referral code BECKYMCMANNIS for 10% off your first month’s box!


4 thoughts on “Yureka Books Unboxing

  1. Oooo … that box looks interesting! I completely understand what you mean by not wanting to buy any more books before reading a bit of your TBR. I spontaneously decided not to buy any books before I’ve read all the books in my shelf. This will be hard, but I think it’ll be worth it!
    I wish you all the luck in the world 🙂


    1. It’s a really nice box! It’s completely customized to you, I love it.
      I agree, I might have to go ahead and just decide no more book buying in 2017 until I get through the ones that I have! We can encourage each other since I know it’s not an easy choice haha!


      1. Yes we might have to 🙂 I’m reading one I’ve had in my shelf for ages at the moment and finding it awfully difficult when I have library reserves waiting for me … *sniff sniff*

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