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A book that’s guaranteed to bring you joy

“Bordertown is located in the Borderlands (aka the Nevernever) between Elfland and the World, where it grew out of the ruins of a human city abandoned when Elfland first appeared. Populated by both elves and humans, Bordertown is a famously uncomfortable place to live.”

Welcome to Bordertown edited by Holly Black and Ellen Kushner

Star rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Summary: Bordertown is a town that lays at the border between our world and the Realm, the world where elves (who prefer to be called Truebloods) live. The Way between the world and Bordertown opens up again after being closed for thirteen years, but only thirteen days have passed in Bordertown. This is an anthology of short stories about Bordertown by several authors.

Reasons for picking this book: Y’all ready for some real shit? I chose this book because I’ve read it before and I knew it was perfect choice for this category. I first read this book in 2012, I was suicidal at the time and I had just met my friend Katlin. Without going into any real detail I mentioned that I was going through a rough time and without any hesitation she sends me the kindle version of this book. She didn’t know me really then but she said this book helped her and she thought I would enjoy it. I, of course, did love the book but what touched me the most was a mostly stranger gifting me a book to try to lift my spirits. We grew closer after that and now she’s one of my best friends. So this book means more to me than just the story and that’s why I picked it for this category.

Review: This book is an anthology so it is a bunch of different authors writing about the same universe which is always fun for me. I’m a huge fan of fanfiction and I find these sorts of anthologies have that sort of feeling for me. Especially since there are previous books about Bordertown. I haven’t read those books because they are out of print and I haven’t managed to snag one. They’re definitely something I would one day love to read.

I really like that each author makes it their own but they all meld well and really flesh out this whole world. I love the mixing of technology with magic, there’s a whole story about trying to bring wifi to Bordertown.

There are only a couple stories I didn’t really care for, but I feel even if I didn’t love a story it still brought something to the book. I can’t think of any story that didn’t have anything to offer. And that’s one of the great things I love about anthologies, you get a mix of different authors and styles that it’s almost like a story sampler. I have often found that after reading anthologies I look up some of the authors of my favorite stories inside and check out what else they have written, so it really exposes me to things I otherwise may not have read.

My favorite stories are about runaway teens trying to get to Bordertown and then having to deal with having been cut of from the World for thirteen years. Those stories are the most fascinating to me. And anytime magic doesn’t work the way you want really makes me happy.

Also, I was excited to read one of the stories is set for part of it in Sacramento. I’m sure others exist but I’ve never read anything set in Sac and it was cool to read about places I recognized and knew more intimately.

This is definitely a book I can reread over again, it’s a really rich world and so much fun to get immersed into. One of my favorite book for sure.

Recommendation: I think that anyone that likes faeries or urban fantasy will enjoy this book. The short stories are great because if you find one you’re not liking you can always skip it without missing any information for the rest of the book.


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