Non review post

2016 & 2017

2016! For the most part it’s a pretty well despised year. Too many bad things that over-weighed the bad. But– I will say this for 2016, I did manage to successfully get back into reading. I read 51 books total (unless I end up finishing more before midnight but I am not holding out hope for that) and I finished 38 of the 40 books on my popsugar challenge. (you can see my marked up challenge paper as the feature image.)

I may not have finished the challenge I set out to do but I succeeded in a bigger goal. I got back my love of reading, and kept reading all year. I really think that reviews and blogging helped me to keep on this. It’s made me feel really productive this year when I needed that sort of boost.

I also started working on a novel this year, I am not very far but I have an outline and 12 pages written out. So that’s the most solid start I’ve ever had.

So as far as my book adventures went– 2016 was not too bad at all.

Now going into 2017, I have set a new challenge for myself.

I am setting my goodreads goal to 55 and I plan to read through all of my unread books that I currently own and keep myself on a book buying ban until I do so. Over the year I got REALLY excited about having books in my hands again and I went I teeny bit overboard in buying books. I have 88 to read. Soooo… yeah. Bit of an issue, but that’s why I am trying to fix it!

I decided that I do want to still continue reading ARCs and galleys so I have decided that those and library books are not going to count against me while I work through this challenge.

I hope that 2017 is just as good as this year, I feel good going into it. Thank you for following me on my quest to get back into reading this year. I honestly feel so much better now that I feel more like a bookworm again. It was always such a huge part of my identity and over the last four years, not reading really didn’t help me.

Also my motto for 2017 is a quote from the late Carrie Fisher (who was and continues to be an inspiration and role model for me): “Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually confidence will follow.”



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