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The Hunt review

“She’d expected to spend the rest of her life in the cell. They wouldn’t kill her–that would go against their unbreakable moral code. But it didn’t mean she wouldn’t be drugged, or worse.”

The Hunt by Megan Shepherd

Star rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars

Format: library ebook

Summary: The sequel to The Cage, The Hunt picks up where it left off. Cora is transferred to a menagerie after escaping her first cage. The menagerie is a safari themed hunt and Cora has to sing as entertainment for the Kindred who come to the menageries to relax. Cassian approaches Cora with a plan to help free her and the other humans and she is torn whether to trust him again.

Review: I thought this was a good sequel, it picked up where it left off, continued the story and provided some great character development.

I know in the last book, I wasn’t sold on the romance between Cora and Cassian but this book really changed my mind to it. It was much more believable and I felt that the chemistry I found lacking in he first book was present in this one.

That said can I just say I’m super disappointed in how Shepherd chose to handle the love triangle between Cora, Cassian, and Lucky? Instead of trying any other way to solve it, she just kills Lucky off? I’m so mad! He was only wanting to protect the animals, and even thought to himself that Cora can be too unpredictable to trust and she fucking gets him killed! It was completely Cora’s fault and I’m just so upset that he was killed. I’m having a hard time thinking about anything else with this book despite looking at my own notes. The only thing I can think is how angry I am that he died.

Leon’s character development was by far my favorite in this book. He begins to realize he could be a hero type and that the others who had been locked in the cage with him were his friends. He even starts to think of them as family.

I wish it wasn’t such a huge cliffhanger that the book ended on. The supposed paradise for humans Armstrong sounds eerily like Mad Max: Fury Road. Especially with the desert and the note about needing more wives. I hope that the next book wraps everything up in a satisfying way. It’s too bad that Lucky is no longer going to be in the series, he was one of my favorite characters.

Recommendation: The Hunt is an excellent sequel. If you enjoyed The Cage then it would be a good follow up.


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