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Scooby Apocalypse Vol 1 review

Scooby Apocalypse Vol 1 by Keith Giffen

Star rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars

Format: ebook galley

Summary: In a retelling of Scooby-Doo, the Mystery Gang meets each other in the wake of an apocalypse. Humans all over the world have been transformed into all sorts of monsters, from vampires to demons. Yet the biggest threat might just be… Scrappy Doo.

Review: I recieved a free galley copy for review via NetGalley.

Overall, I thought this was super fun. I would definitely read more to see where this goes. It’s a cool reworking of Scooby-Doo. I don’t normally like explaining Scooby-Doo himself, I prefer that he’s just a talking dog and everyone accepts it. But for this story, I think it works having him be a government experiment works with the rest of it.

I do have an issue with Velma in this series. I don’t like that she’s been made to be so smart she doesn’t have friends because she thinks she’s better than everyone else. She shoves her friend in high school away because she goes through puberty and makes a few friends over summer? She was busy inviting Velma to meet them and make her social group bigger and she goes off on her saying she’s not her friend but a “pet monkey” she used for her own amusement? What? And then she doesn’t even feel bad about her behavior? What the actual hell? How is this Velma?? Velma was always smart yes, but she was also extremely compassionate. I’m really unhappy with how she’s being portrayed in this series, I sort of hope that she can actually become friends with the rest of the gang but I’m not holding my breath. Also an up skirt shot of her was completely unnecessary. No thank you.

I also do not like how Scrappy has been made a villain here. Look I get it, most everyone hates Scrappy. Then just ignore him!! You don’t have to keep using him as a villain. I know I’m the real minority that actually likes Scrappy, he’s not my favorite but I don’t hate him. I don’t know, I feel it’s just expected to use him as a villain because he is so disliked.

The Mystery Machine is pretty cool, and I appreciate how the gang is having a moral dilemma over having to kill monsters to survive since they were once humans. I think Shaggy is great in this, actually I love what they’ve done with everyone except Velma. Which is sad because Velma is my favorite usually.

In general though I’m liking this comic and I want to read more.

Recommendation: I think if you like apocalypse stories and Scooby-Doo this would be a fun comic for you to check out.


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