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The Selection review

“Nearly everyone turned to look at me. I could see it in their eyes, the same look I’d gotten from Emmica and Samantha. Suddenly those stares made sense. My intentions didn’t matter. They didn’t know I didn’t want this. In their eyes, I was a threat. And I could see they wanted me gone.”

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Star rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars

Format: paperback

Summary: America Singer finds herself one of thirty-five girls picked to be part of The Selection, which is a competition similar to the Bachelor and the man they are all competing for is the Crown Prince.

Review: I enjoyed this book, I liked a lot of the characters and the plot was engaging. I didn’t ever feel bored or like it was slow. I really appreciate that even though this book is about a competition of girls that there was little to no hating on other women. There was dislike of other girls for their specific actions but not just hating all other girls as a whole. In fact, they’re rather supportive of each other which made me so happy.

I liked Maxon the most, he is so sweet and lovable, he was a really great character. I think he really wants to try to make things better for his people and he is sincere in wanting to find a wife he loves. And I like that he is being smart about it too and even though he has the most attraction and feelings for America, he knows her heart isn’t totally into it and he’s it to keep his options open for the other girls.

I don’t like Aspen and I don’t like that he was brought back into the story. It was interesting enough watching her try to heal without making a love triangle. Also, I’m sorry but if he loves her so much he wouldn’t risk her damn life being involved with her in the palace. What a damn self absorbed ass. I don’t feel like he really cares about her. Because he gets upset with her trying to make a romantic gesture, he pushes her into entering the Selection even though America didn’t want to enter herself. He’s definitely a Gale and I don’t like him. He’s going to get America into danger and he’s not going to care.

I am excited to read the rest of this series, I want to know more about the world of Illéa and see how this ends up. I want to know what the rebels are searching for. And I want to see if America dumps loser Aspen and develops stronger feelings for Maxon.

Recommendations: If you like dystopias this isn’t super focused on that aspect. It is cool and a fun read but it is not super focused on the dystopia part, it does play into it. It is definitely a different take on the genre and enjoyable.


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