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Rey’s Survival Guide review

“The only reason anyone’s ever heard of Jakku is because a long time ago a lot of people died here. There was a battle fought in space–with ships on fire, plunging out of the skies to lie entombed in the sands.”

Rey’s Survival Guide by Jason Fry

Star rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Format: hardcover book

Summary: A handwritten journal by Rey of her time on Jakku, she writes on how to survive in the harsh world as a scavenger.

Review: This was a great addition to the Star Wars universe. As someone who read their Phantom Menace visual dictionary to the point it is falling apart, I can really appreciate this book. It gives a better view of Jakku and how life was for Rey there. There are sketches of residents of Jakku and schematics of the crashed ships.

It’s short but it gives more depth to the world. There are bits that have been “taped” into the journal, like instructions for the rations she eats and other such items. It’s interesting to read all these details about Jakku and to get a clearer picture of Rey growing up.

She talks about the various dangers of scavenging and how to avoid them. Nearly every one she mentions she notes other scavengers that have died in that way. Which is slightly funny but it also points out how dangerous of a life she is living. She goes into details about the tools she has on herself at all times when she is scavenging. There’s a lot of great details inside.

It also explains how Rey is able to pilot the Millennium Falcon, in her AT-AT she has set up a flight simulator from scavenged parts she’s found. She spends her free time in her home using the simulator to fly all sorts of different ships and to get familiar with them. Add that to her force sensitivity and it’s no wonder she’s a great pilot without having a chance to fly anything before.

Overall the book is a great companion piece to the movie and I highly suggest it for any Star Wars fan. I mean, if for nothing else read it for the AT-AT schematics.

Recommendation: Must read for Star Wars fans. It’s quick but has a lot of great world building bits and details that are excellent all around.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Rey’s Survival Guide (Replica Journal)


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