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The Elite review

“That feeling, that indefinable something, coursed through me. As dejected as I felt, as embarrassed as I’d been, when he offered me that moment, I had to take it.”

The Elite by Kiera Cass

Star rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars

Format: library ebook

Summary: The sequel to The Selection, the girls have been weeded down to six girls. America is still in the competition but she’s more confused than ever over her feeling for Maxon and Aspen only makes it worse for her.

Review: This was a good continuation of the first book. I feel like there was a good amount of not much going on though, which I get because for the story Cass is telling I don’t think there was much of a way to avoid that. I did enjoy it though and while I was reading it I didn’t really notice, it was only after I finished reading that I was like “oh not much happened here”.

I was really annoyed that Maxon was put out that America pulled away after everything with Marlee. I mean, she was her best friend and then she’s taken and hurt and Maxon is like “u up? ;)”. No dude, that’s not how it works. Don’t act surprised at her behavior okay?

Part of me is also annoyed with him for making out with Celeste, but America was being just as bad. So you know, whatever, just figure your shit out you two.

Aspen made me so mad though, I mean he’s seen exactly what happens if you’re caught with someone other than the prince when you’re in the Selection and he’s leaving America notes, meeting her in secret, making out with her and I’m like. DUDE, control your ass because you putting her in danger like this doesn’t seem romantic, it seems like you have a hard on you want to get taken care of.

I was glad to see a bit more of the politics and the rebels– I hope in the next book we can see even more. I think it’s pretty realistic how America is knows so many things suck but she has no idea how to approach fixing anything. I also like how yes this is a dystopia and stuff sucks but she’s focused on other aspects of her life rather than leading a rebellion. That seems super realistic to me. Because if I was living in a dystopia (lol @ thinking I don’t) I’d be focused on my husband, my baby and my dog. Like, you know, I am now.

I liked how the purity culture was continued in this book and highlighted. How Kriss and her family don’t kiss anyone until they are engaged and hold a special party to witness the kiss? Hella creepy. Purity culture is soooo creepy and I’m glad that Cass didn’t forget to bring the whole illegal to have sex before you’re married thing to our attention.

I thought overall this was a good sequel and I eagerly put the next book on hold at my library after I finished. I’m excited to read how this ends.

Recommendation: If you liked The Selection I think you’ll enjoy the continuation here. Do keep in mind that there is not as much action going on in this book, there is a lot of America toiling over her feelings instead.

The Elite (The Selection)


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