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Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer review

“I had a vision of myself visiting a museum in Paris, and an old curator spotting the medallion hanging around my neck. He’d get really excited and then tell me that my family had been noble and prominent. And the rest of the girls on the trip would gather around, and even though they’d be too cool to act impressed, inside, they all secretly would be.”

Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer by Katie Alender

Star rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars

Format: Hardcover book

Summary: Colette is on a trip of a lifetime with her class to Paris, she’s excited to visit the country her family is from and distract herself from her parents divorce. During her trip a serial killer is going on a spree through Paris and Colette keeps seeing a ghost in 18th century clothing.

Review: I went into this expecting something fairly campy and not really serious at all. And this book delivered on that. This isn’t historically accurate or anything and just fun nonsense for the most part.

At the beginning I was seriously doubting if I could get through this book because Colette was so intolerable. She was a total brat and super fake. She’s broke and been trying to fake that she’s still rich to impress her friends. I like her friend Pilar but her other friend Hannah was straight up Regina George. Colette was terrible though, she kept pretending to dislike things she was excited about because Hannah didn’t like it. She had no backbone for most of the book but she eventually started to change. Around 50 pages in I stopped feeling the urge to shut the book forever. I had a feeling she was being set up as awful so she could change at the end. I am glad I listened to that instinct.

I appreciated when talking about Marie Antoinette that there was such a huge focus on her as a mother. I feel like that aspect of her is often overlooked and I’ve always felt that she was a pretty devoted mother. Her kids meant a lot to her and I’m glad that was one of the bigger focuses. Also high five to Alender for being able to work in mentioning that she never said “let them eat cake”. Do you know how many people I’ve annoyed by correcting them when they try to attribute that quote to her? It’s a lot and I’m damn smug about it. Ain’t no one tearing my favorite queen apart unfairly. Was she perfect? No, but don’t try to say shit that wasn’t true.

I feel like the ghost parts were pretty decently spooky. I would have liked to actually be scared but at the same time I felt like true horror would not have fit with the rest of the book’s tone. It works well as it is and I had fun reading it.

I don’t think I would reread this one but I did enjoy it.

Recommendation: Don’t go into this if you’re looking for a serious book. If you want campy fun with a dash of Marie Antoinette and 1789 then pick this up and give it a try.



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