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The One review

“And the cameras came and went, stealing pieces of our lives to entertain the people. I was being pushed into a corner from every angle, and I was missing out on all things that had always mattered to me.”

The One by Kiera Cass

Star rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars

Format: library ebook

Summary: In the third book of The Selection, America is more sure of her feelings for Maxon but still not positive of her position as one of The Elite. King Clarkson is calling for an end of the competition and preferably having America go home.

Review: I’ve been quickly devouring this series this month, I don’t think I’d gone through a series that quickly recently. It was pretty nice to just be able to read through a series. And I really enjoyed this one.

I was happy to see America taking more action but thinking through her choices rather than reacting out of anger. I liked that she was trying to help make her country better and starting to believe she really could be a princess. I was glad she finally decided she wasn’t in love with Aspen, but I wish she would have just let him talk so she could have been a lot more clear on his feelings as well. Although to be fair, dude should have stopped trying to lead every time with I will always love you crap. She’d asked him for space so many times, how did he think starting that way would work?

I liked that Celeste finally dropped the mean girl act, she was actually a really fun character once she did that. I really liked her character development in this book. She had a lot more personality than Kriss. Speaking of, if Kriss was really a rebel why didn’t she ever do anything remotely rebellious?

There were a lot of unanswered questions for me, I wish we knew more about America’s dad and his ties to the rebels. Like why had he never talked to his kids about it? Does America tell Maxon? What does it ultimately mean? It just seemed like a fact kinda thrown in and then over-shadowed by love triangle drama. Also, we never found out if the Queen’s sister and nieces and nephews make the attack, they’re not brought up again. Like are there a ton of kids related to the royal family dead now or not? I’d like to know.

All in all, I did like this book and I was very happy with the ending. I would love more answers about it but it was still satisfying end. Even if it did end in a lot of tragedy and near Harry Potter amounts of death.

Recommendation: If you’ve read the other two books then pick this one up because it is well worth it. If you haven’t, then let me just say that this was a fun series that I really enjoyed. I think if you’ve been thinking about reading it that you should.



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