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Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star review

“She knew it was stupid. She couldn’t even have a two-minute conversation without getting angry with him. He was the most arrogant, controlling, condescending man she had ever met, and the only way she could ever stand to fuck him would be to cover his mouth with duct tape so he couldn’t speak!”

Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star by Heather Lynn Rigaud

Star Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Format: paperback

Summary: In a retelling of Pride & Prejudice, Darcy and Elizabeth are rock stars. Elizabeth’s band is hired to be the opening act of Darcy’s bad boy rock group and they join the band on tour.

Review: I loved this book, it was pretty much everything I wanted out of it. It was kind of ridiculous in a way but if you’re looking for this type of book you can’t expect it to not be. I believe when I first saw this book I sent the goodreads link to my friend Katy and said “this is my kind of trash”.

I loved that Mr. Collins doesn’t end up with anyone, Charlotte is way too good for him and I’m glad this book addressed that. I love that he is kinda gross and fat and no one can stand him. And I loved Darcy getting rid of him. Collins is the worst and I’m so glad he go nothing in this version.

Colonel Fitzwilliam is in this as one of the band members and I was really excited. He’s one of my favorite smaller role characters. He is named Richard in this and he’s pretty awesome. Charlotte is paired off with him early on and I was pretty happy with that. He’s the drummer and doesn’t write songs except one he wrote and I just thought of that one Family Guy aside about Ringo Starr writing a song.

I was pretty jazzed about reading Pride & Prejudice with sex scenes. There are numerous between various different couples. On the whole they were pretty good. My only complaint is that Rigaud repeatedly says “she impaled herself on his cock”, and that’s just not sexy? It sounds weird and violent. I don’t get it but other than that I thought it was fine.

I wish there was more Lydia, she is my favorite Bennet. She’s ridiculous and great. But I do appreciate that the whole Wickham story is tweaked. Especially since I’m pretty sure she’s underage in the book as well.

I think the book was really missing some sort of confrontation with Lady Catherine. She was very much not much of anything, I think she makes one appearance in the whole to pretty disappointing because Lady Catherine is so badass. Really though, most of the parents and older adults are not much of a presence in the book.

I think the biggest change that disappointed me was that Caroline wasn’t a petty bitch. That’s the best part about her and she’s a completely different person. Really disappoints me. I feel like there are no real adversaries it’s mostly just everyone getting in heir own way. Which is okay, I suppose.

Recommendation: Look, I’m going to admit this is probably a pretty niche market for people interested in this book. But if you like Pride & Prejudice and a rock band AU sounds like a whole lot of fun to you then I highly suggest you read this.



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