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Crooked Kingdom review

“The silence between them was dark water. He could not cross it. He couldn’t walk the line between the decency she deserved and the violence this path demanded. If he tried, it might get them both killed. He could only be who he truly was–a boy who had no comfort to offer. So he would give her what her could.”

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Star Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Format: library ebook

Summary: The sequel to Six of Crows picks back up on the cliffhanger the first book left. Kaz’s crew has to scheme to not only get their kidnapped crew member back but to get the money they are owed for their job. Their all worn and tired from their last job and dangerously close to spreading themselves too thin.

Review: Here’s one thing that sucks about loving books, especially ones in a series– it’s so hard to figure out what to write in a review. Just a long stream of gushing over the book? I suppose that works.

I loved the first book and I was worried this one wouldn’t have the same draw to it as the first. I’m glad to see I was proven wrong. There is just as much to hold you in this book, surprise plot turns, schemes, ships and vengeance.

I will say though, I did have a hard time remembering what exactly had happened in the first book. It wasn’t something that stuck with me easily and I had a hard time recalling plot points brought back up again in this book. Like I still cannot remember them breaking into Van Eck’s house and stealing something (still not sure what) in the first book. I don’t remember why they did that or who did the job, my whole mind is blank on it but it was brought up quite a lot in this book.

As much as I love seeing my ships happily settled, I’m happy with how things were left for all my ships in this book. I especially love Wylan and Jesper being a fairly domesticated couple living in a mansion by the end. Beautiful. I wish there was more of Kaz and Inej but I’m not mad by how things were left.

I’m a little disappointed there will not be any sequels to this. I’d love to read more about these characters and what happens to them. I don’t ink this had a bad ending, it was very satisfying, but I love these characters and I want to see even more of them.

Recommendation: A well crafted sequel, if you liked Six of Crows you won’t be disappointed with this. As fun as the first book and an great end to the series.



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