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The Darkest Part of the Forest review

The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black

Star Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Format: library eaudiobook

Summary: Hazel lives in a town where the fair folk live close to the town people. In the forest there is a horned boy sleeping in a glass casket. Hazel used to play at being a knight when she was a young girl but now that the horned boy has suddenly woken up she might have to be a knight once more.

Review: I had yet to find an audiobook I could stomach before this one. They usually grate on me and I have a hard time fully focusing and absorbing audio material like that. This one held my attention and I was able to absorb most of the book. I do admit my attention wandered occasionally and I don’t think I absorbed as mud as I would have if I had read it. It’s almost hard for me to think of what to write for a review because the media is so strange for me. But I’m doing it anyways.

I really liked this story, I thought the characters were great and I liked all the faeries in the book. I definitely think I would like to read this in print some time so I can fully appreciate the language. A lot of the language and descriptions were from beautiful, they were lush and almost poetic. I enjoyed that a lot.

I would have liked to have seen more of the romance between Ben and Severin. We get like one scene between them so when Severin announces his love of Ben it seems strange. But he is a faerie and they don’t feel the same as humans so I suppose I can let that part slide. Still, I’d like to see more– even a kiss or something.

I liked the lore of the town, it was really cool. It was really well done and it was almost lyrical in a lot of places. It worked so well being read out in this. I think I would be willing to try out other audiobooks after this one which is impressive because before I was pretty sure they weren’t for me.

Hazel was a pretty great character, I loved how she was a knight. The neglect that she and Ben went through as small children was interesting as well. I thought it was interesting how oblivious her parents were and her point that even if they had changed, she hadn’t.

Recommendation: This was an excellent book and I would recommend both the print and the audiobook.



2 thoughts on “The Darkest Part of the Forest review

  1. I just finished the audiobook for this book earlier this week! I’m convinced that Holly Black’s books are meant to be listened to rather than read. If you’re looking for more audiobooks I recommend The Raven Cycle which is narrated by Will Patton.


    1. Yeah I noticed most of her books are a available in audiobook from my library so I’m definitely thinking of checking those out. I keep hearing great things about The Raven Cycle, it’s definitely on my tbr and I’ll see if my library has the audiobooks to try out. Thanks for the suggestion!

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