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Wintersong review

“I looked up at the ceiling. A shower of bright motes began to fall about me like snow, resting lightly on my shoulders and hair. I laughed; magic or no, it was enchanting. It tickled. The fairy lights spun about me before resolving into a golden stream of light. I followed the path down the hall and into another corridor.”

Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones

Star Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Format: library hardcover

Summary: Liesl travels to the Underground to rescue her younger sister Käthe from the Goblin King.

Review: I’ve been excited about this book for a year, hoping I could snatch myself a galley but settling to borrowing it from the library when I didn’t.

I really loved this book. It was really beautifully written, I think it would be really nice as an audiobook. There’s a lot of beautiful imagery in the book and it really transports you into the world written here.

I know the author had a lot of influences in her story but the one I saw most clearly was the influence of Labyrinth. The Goblin King in this book is described very clearly as David Bowie and I couldn’t see him as anything else (not that I would want to). I was glad to see there wasn’t much of Sarah in Liesl, I liked her character far more than I like Sarah. However, I tried not to compare too much with the movie because I know they are two completely different things. There’s also a Hades and Persephone parallel and I’m such a sucker for that myth.

I thought the love story was amazing and terribly tragic. I really enjoyed it and how the whole romance unfurled. I was hoping for a happy ending but I’m still satisfied with the way the story ended.

The way music was such a huge part of this book was amazing. I don’t know much about music at all but it was still great to read about. It tied into every aspect of the story and really set the tone for the whole book. The importance of music weaves its way through the book and ties everything together. It was so satisfying watching Liesl come into her own and start composing and putting herself first rather than others.

I do wish some of the goblin lore would have been more clear. There are several things that are hinted at in the book but never confirmed. I really wish I knew the Goblin King’s name but I get the mystery surrounding that. I heard there will be a second book so I’m hoping that will clear up all of my questions.

Overall this book had everything I could hope for and I loved reading it. I was so happy with the book in general. It’s really a magical book and I’m so glad it lived up to my expectations.

Recommendation: Read. This. Book. I highly recommend it and I actually don’t care what sort of books you prefer. Just read this.



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