Non review post · wrap-up

March 2017 wrap-up

March wasn’t as productive as February, the first book I read this month was difficult to get through and took me a bit to want to get back into reading. Still, it wasn’t bad at all so oh well.

This month I read 15 books:

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vol. 3
The Bone Witch
Crooked Kingdom
The Darkest Part of the Forest
Star Wars: Bloodline
The Sniper’s Kiss
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vol. 4
My Soul to Take
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vol. 5
Bloody Jack
The Raven Boys
Curse of the Blue Tattoo
RoseBlood -DNF
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vol. 6

Number of galleys read: 3
Number of books read that I already own: 1
Number of library books: 7
Number of audiobooks: 3
Books I did not finish: 1

I’m behind in my galleys so I need to work on that. I also only read one of my challenge books. I think the most disappointing thing about this month is I broke my book buying ban. First at the beginning of the month, I got seven books from a library book sale for $1.50 in change from the bottom of my purse. So I mean, did it really count? But then I bought five Dear America books from Goodwill, my only excuse is that my daughter will read them eventually and that’s a weak argument.

I got into audiobooks for the first time. I have never been able to find one I could stand until The Darkest Part of the Forest, after that I started listening to a series I loved and never finished in high school. The Bloody Jack series by L.A. Meyer– it’s great to get back into this series, I’ve always wanted to finish it. I am a bit bummed though that I found out the author recently died. Which is unfortunate because I’m sure he had more bloody Jack books to write if he left. Still, I’m going to finish this series finally.

April I need to catch up on my galleys. I don’t want to fall even more behind. I’ve set out a list for an order to read them in and I hope that helps.

I also signed up on a site to swap used books. I’ve been wanting to get rid of some books and this seemed like a good way to do so. I’ve sent off a bunch of books and I have some coming my way, I’m hoping they come in good condition.

Swap Books Online –, if interested you can sign up yourself.

So far my Amazon affiliate links haven’t done anything. I’ve had some clicks but nothing else which isn’t helping but ah well– if it fails in the end it fails.


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