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The Last of August review

“At times, Watson is far too sentimental. I’ve yet to see him with a puppy, but I imagine it would be too much for me to handle.”

The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro

Star rating: ★★★☆☆ 3/5 stars

Format: library ebook

Summary: The second book in the Charlotte Holmes series, Charlotte and Jaime have plans to spend their winter break together in England. Plans go awry when Charlotte’s uncle goes missing and the two travel to Berlin to uncover where he went.

Review: I didn’t like this book as much as the first. I still liked it but the fist one just felt like it had more excitement.

I liked that they are exploring their relationship and aren’t really sure what they are to each other. I like that Charlotte is trying to heal from her rape and that Jaime is trying to help as best he can. There are times I get irritated with him though because I feel like he’s too focused on wanting to be her boyfriend.

I really don’t like August, he creeps me out and I don’t trust him. Even with him trying to redeem himself I don’t buy it. His whole story ends a bit anticlimactic. Actually the whole book on a whole ended very anticlimactic. I was really disappointed in the reveal, I was pretty confused about it. I thought where her uncle was when he disappeared just didn’t make sense. I don’t get it and it seemed stupidly convoluted.

I did really love that we got several chapters from Charlotte’s point of view. I enjoy her chapters the most and would love to see more. Though I wouldn’t want to read a book completely from her perspective, I think it wasn’t that bad of a balance in the book.

I’m still eager to read the last book, I really like this series. I just wasn’t as happy with this one as the first.

Recommendation: This is a great series for Sherlock fans. I really love this series and the characters. One of my favorite adaptations of Sherlock right after Elementary.



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