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Divided Nation, United Hearts review

Divided Nation, United Hearts by Yolanda Wallace

Star rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars

Format: ebook galley

Summary: Wilhelmina is from a rich family in Philadelphia but she yearns for more than what is available to her as a woman. Emboldened after attending a lecture dressed as a man she decides to join the Union army to fight in the Civil War. Clara is looking after her younger brothers on the family farm while her older brother and father fight with the Confederacy. When the two meet, sparks fly but the war threatens to keep them apart.

Review: I received a galley copy of this book for free from NetGalley.

I enjoyed this book, it took a few chapters to get into it but once I did I really loved reading it.
I thought it was really good historical fiction. Civil War isn’t really my area of expertise with history (most of what I know comes from Gone with the Wind which isn’t the best) but from what I know it was really good. The language wasn’t too stilted but made sense for the time, which is nice. It captured the feeling of the era but didn’t go overboard.

There is instalove in this book but I didn’t really mind it. I liked it anyways even though that’s a trope I’m not a big fan of. It didn’t suffer from it and I felt there was a decent amount of time spent with Clara and Wil getting to know one another.

And yes, I know this is a romance novel but if Wil cannot use a chamber pot without assistance because of her wounds then how can she be able to have a major make out session with Clara like ten minutes later no problem? I’m not I can suspend my belief that much. But you know, it’s not that big a deal in the long run.

I thought the ending was interesting, that Wil keeps up the deception of being a man long term. It was a surprising end, even though it was the only way they could be together in the period. I guess I expected Wil to have to face her family in some way but apparently not. Still, I was very satisfied with the ending.

Recommendation: I think this is a really good historical fiction romance. I think the added part of Wil dressing as a man to enlist in the army really adds a whole other layer. If you like historical romances I would pick this one up.



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