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The Woman in Cabin 10 review

“Its size, along with the perfection of its paintwork, gave it a curiously toylike quality, and as I stepped onto the narrow steel gangway I had a sudden disorienting image of the Aurora as a ship imprisoned in a bottle–tiny, perfect, isolated, and unreal–and of myself, shrinking down to match it with every step I took towards the boat. It was a strange feeling, as if I were looking down the wrong end of a telescope, and it gave me a dizzying sensation almost like vertigo.”

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

Star rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars

Format: library ebook

Summary: Laura Blacklock has the opportunity of a lifetime when her boss gets sick and is unable to go on a luxury cruise for her travel magazine. She hopes that writing this piece will finally give her career the boost she needs. A few days before she’s supposed to leave on the cruise she is the victim of a home break in. The experience leaves her shaken, unable to sleep and suffering from PTSD, when she feels she has witnessed a murder her validity as a witness is brought into question and she begins to question her sanity.

Review: I. Love. Unreliable. Narrators. Especially in thrillers, because the whole time they are questioning the situation the reader is also questioning the protagonist. I just love it so much because you’re trying to figure out the killer and figure out how much of what the protagonist is seeing is real.

This book pulled me in from the very beginning, it was exciting and engaging. I loved the writing style, it was just so crisp and not overly flowery, no purple prose. I loved how each section from Lo’s perspective was broken up with emails, articles and social media surrounding the mystery. It gave a whole extra layer to the story and I really loved it, it felt very new and innovative to me.

My favorite thrillers are ones that keep you guessing the whole time and this book really gave that to me. The very end even had an additional twist that excites me and I loved it so much. I loved the character of this book and I almost wish there was another book about her even though I know that wouldn’t work for a good book. Still, I really liked Lo and I was rooting for her the whole time.

I think having Lo experience a trauma before witnessing a murder was such a smart move. I think Ware handled her PTSD well, along with her anxiety. It was nice seeing a character with anxiety who also takes antidepressants for that anxiety. As someone with anxiety it was really nice to see and I felt that it was handled well.

Recommendation: This is a good solid thriller, it gives me everything I would want out of one. I loved the character which always helps. I think if you like thrillers to definitely give this one a read.



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