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Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, Vol. 1: Anchor Points review

Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, Vol. 1: Anchor Points by Kelly Thompson

Star Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Format: individual issue digital comics

Summary: Kate is back in LA and she’s opened her own (unlicensed) private investigator’s office.

Review: Hawkeye is my favorite superhero, and Kate is my favorite Hawkeye so I was so ecstatic to hear she was getting her own series. Don’t get me wrong, I love Clint to death and if you want to guarantee to make me cry just start talking about about Barton brothers.

This run has brought back the Kate I’ve known and loved. All-New Hawkeye really got her wrong, she wasn’t fun she was a wet rag and a nag. But Thompson has brought Kate back to life. She’s struggling to pay her bills, trying her best and still trying to have fun at the same time. Reading this is light-hearted fun, I’m sure as Kate looks further into finding her father it’ll get heavier.

I love that this is centering over Kate’s search for her father. It’s something that has long needed to be addressed and I cannot wait for her to confront him. I’m also wondering if Madame Masque will show up as well, given the masks the one group wears looks a lot like hers and life model decoys keep coming up which she’s been linked to in the Fraction comics. Is it weird that I want to see the sexual tension between Kate and Masque continue in this series if she does show up?

I totally cannot remember anything about the two boy characters that have shown up in this series. They just blend into the crowd and I couldn’t tell you their names or one characteristic of either. Can we just replace them with my son, Tommy Shepherd? Tommy is amazing and has so much depth to him, not to mention he cares about Kate and her happiness. And he tries so hard, probably harder than any of the other Young Avengers did because he never felt good enough. Oh sorry– was this not Tommy Shepherd Appreciation Hour? My bad. (But seriously he hasn’t been in anything for forever and he’s such a precious cinnamon roll, I love him so much.)

I’m so happy that the last issue brought Lucky back, though I’m curious if Clint put him on the plane to LA or someone else. Doubt that will be answered but it’s something I keep wondering. I am excited to see Lucky join in on Kate’s adventures.

I would like to see more interactions like when Jessica Jones showed up. Those two issues were awesome and Kate and Jessica working together was amazing. The whole speech Kate gave the dragon-girl was so good and I want to print that out or something. I’m hoping America pops up at some point as well, or maybe Kate shows up in America’s new comic (which I still need to read).

Recommendation: I know Marvel is a mess right now with the whole everyone is a secret Hydra agent bs. Luckily this series doesn’t seem effected by that nonsense. This series is true to Kate and is so much fun to read. If you liked Fraction’s Hawkeye, I think you’ll like Thompson’s as well.



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