Non review post · wrap-up

May 2017 wrap-up

And another month gone! I’m not sure what to say about May, that sure was a month? It just felt long, we’re getting ready for a family camping trip in July right now and my daughter has been cutting her incisors all month and I swear these things will never cut through and she will be cranky forever.

My reading time has cut down some, not sure if that is due to cranky baby or writing more. Probably both. My Instagram has been fizzling out and I’m so annoyed at myself for not keeping up with it but it’s so hard to find the time to take decent pictures, not to mention my house is a disaster so I’ve been trying to work on that rather than snapping artsy book pics.

Books I read this month:

Ramona Blue
A Court of Wings and Ruin
The Dream Thieves
The Gauntlet
Hawkeye #4
Hawkeye #5
Hawkeye #6
America #1
Blood Rose Rebellion

Books read this month: 10
Books I own: 1
Galleys read: 4
Books borrowed from friends: 1
Books featuring the gorgeous and talented Kate Bishop: 4

So that’s a pretty weak reading list, compared to other months this year. But only reading one book I own is sort of on par for what I’ve been doing so I guess it’s not the worst. I don’t know. I am out of books on hold at the library so really all I have is ARCs and galleys to distract me… Or books I borrow from friends and/or sisters. But okay, I’ve been saying this all year and now we are almost half done so I’m really going to focus and read what I already own. Really. Truly. I’m doing it.

I’ve been enjoying a lot. It’s easy to use and to trade books with little risk. Only issue I had was a book I was sent got lost in the mail but I was refunded my credit for that trade so no harm done. There are some Facebook book trading groups I’ve considered joining but I like the built in security of this site if someone tries to scam you. Plus it’s all localized to the U.S. so no international shipping, and you can print pre made shipping labels as well. If you haven’t checked it out you should: PaperBackSwap.

June is looking to be an eventful month. Signed my daughter up for swim lessons, which I have to participate in as well because she’s a baby. Ugh gross, I hate water. But it gave me an excuse to buy the cute Star Trek swimsuit from think geek I’ve been eyeing so I guess it’s okay. Besides that I’ve got a class with a speech therapist for my daughter to try to coax her to talk. I think she’s just stubborn because she will say something if it is convenient for her. But this last week I did promise to buy her a new necklace if she said a new word and she said two new words so I think she’s fine. Her doctor insisted and the class is free though so I’ll go, maybe I can get some new ideas for her. I’ve just got a stubborn 18 month old who is fiercely independent and has a giant attitude, she’ll probably end up a YA protagonist one day.

I also signed up for another affiliate link and ko-fi. If you’re going to be buying something on Amazon or Book Depository anyways please consider using one of my links to help me out some and support this blog.

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