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She-Hulk, Vol. 1: Law and Disorder review

She-Hulk, Volume 1: Law and Disorder by Charles Soule

Star rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars

Format: paperback

Summary: Jennifer Walters, also known as She Hulk, opens her law practice office. She struggles to find new clients and her very first one turns out to be the son of Dr Doom. At the same time she works on a mysterious case where she and a mixture of heroes and villains are being sued. No one knows anything about the case and she gets caught up trying to figure out what the case is about and why it is surrounded by so much mystery.

Review: I’ve never read a lot about She Hulk, she’s been in team comics I’ve read but I haven’t read a solo comic of hers. It was nice going into a new hero I’m not that familiar with. As with most female Marvel heroes she was really awesome to read about and follow her adventures.

One thing that kept me from giving this a full five stars was the art. If you’ve noticed in my reviews on comics, if I don’t like the art it makes it hard for me to fully like the comic. I have encountered the main artist in this volume before in Fraction’s Hawkeye, I don’t like how he draws in general but I especially dislike how he draws women. He never gives them anything but two expressions to the women his draws and both are fairly blank. The only way you can distinguish Jennifer from any other woman in the comic is that she is green.

The story is really interesting regardless my issues with the art. There are some fun cameos in here, Tony Stark shows up along with Matt Murdock. There is mainly her interacting with these other heroes as a lawyer but often she suits up with them and goes out to kick some butts too.

There is a lot of legal jargon in this which is sometimes frustrating to me. I’m not really into courtroom drama and my understanding of how lawyers work is about on the same level as Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It’s not really something I’m that interested in but there was enough other stuff going on that it didn’t make me lose interest in the story as it got into more legal things.

I’m really curious about Jennifer’s paralegal, there’s some sort of powers that she has and I want to know more about her. Definitely the more interesting mystery to me than the lawsuit against Jennifer.

I’d probably read more of this run to see where it goes, despite the dislike of the art. It’s fun and different from what I’ve read before. I haven’t really read about the heroes that are also lawyers so this is a nice change for me.

Recommendation: Definitely worth a read. There’s an interesting story arch here and compelling characters.




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