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Dark Triumph review

“And just as love has two sides, so too does Death. While Ismae will serve as His mercy, I will not, for that is not how He fashioned me.
Every death I have witnessed, every horror I have endured, has forged me to be who I am — Death’s justice.”

Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

Star Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Format: library eaudiobook

Summary: Sybella has been sent by the abbey of St. Mortain to the one place she never wanted to return, her family. She is sent on the promise that she will be able to kill her father but months go by with toy direct orders or the mark of Mortain. When new orders to deliver a prisoner to the Duchess comes, Sybella must help the man known as Beast to reach the Duchess, but the road is long and he is barely alive as it is.

Review: I decided to borrow the next book in this series and I’m surprised to say the second was even better than the first. The first followed Ismae and this book is from Sybella’s POV. I wasn’t sure I’d like a series where the main character changed each book, especially when there was very little of them in the other book but I really like it. It’s much darker than the first, dealing with incest quite a bit, among other things. The book does give a look at Ismae and how she is doing which I was happy about.

Even though the book includes a past incestuous relationship between Sybella and her brother, I thought it was handled well. I didn’t totally think him redeemed but I was impressed when Jullian realized that his advances and love was not welcome and apologized to Sybella for ever making her enter into something she never wanted. Doesn’t excuse it but I liked that he realized he’d hurt her and was sorry for it.

I really liked Sybella as a character, I thought she was great and I loved reading about her. I already liked Beast from the first book but I grew to love him even more in this one. The romance between him and Sybella is slow burn and just so good. I have a thing for characters that don’t feel they’re worthy of love so Sybella’s struggle was something I totally ate up.

The over arching story continued in this book as well, I was happy to see the Duchess seemed to be much better off now. Though the danger is obviously not past. I’m eager to read the next book and see how the story further develops.

I really hope in the next book someone gives the Abbess the business. She’s not a very good person at all and seems to pretty much hate Sybella and try to put her into situations that will either bring her a lot of pain or kill her. I don’t trust her, I feel like she’s shady and not as loyal to the Duchess as she tries to claim.

I love the whole gods system this series has, the mythology of it. I’d love to read more on the gods. I think it’s really interesting.

Glad I read the next book and I can’t wait to start the third one.

Recommendation: Don’t be turned off by the book having a different protagonist than the first. It’s really good and worth reading.



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