Non review post · wrap-up

June 2017 wrap-up

June was a really productive month for reading. There was a heat wave so we spent a lot of time inside during that. My daughter also had swim lessons which went really good. Just this week our ad went out which was pretty terrible. My husband and his friend fixed it yesterday though.

Books I read this month:
She-Hulk, Volume 1: Law and Disorder
The Art of the Affair
Cruel Beauty
Secrets of Southern Girls – DNF
The Diviners
Grave Mercy
Woman No. 17
Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault
The Possible – DNF
Dear America: Voyage on the Great Titanic
Dark Triumph

Total books read: 14
Books I already own: 5
Galleys read: 5
Library books read: 4
Books I did not finish: 2

This was probably the most amount of books I already own that I’ve read in a month. Which is good since that is that my overall challenge for the month. Whoops.

Next month I’m going on a family camping trip and won’t be able to read anything digital so I’m bringing a bunch of books with me in the hopes that I can make a good dent in some I already own. That’s literally the only thing I’m looking forward to. I hate camping and we’re going to the beach which I also hate. I’m literally Anakin in my hate of sand, not to mention the beach smells like shit. I honestly will never understand the appeal. Don’t try to talk to me in shock that I hate the beach I will literally just shrug emoji at you.


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