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Lair of Dreams review

“Swell. Isn’t there some kinda ghost primer in this joint: Reading, Writing, ’Rithmetic, Ridding Yourself of Soul-Stealing Demons for Fun and Profit? Why isn’t there ever anything useful around here?”

Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray

Star Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Format: library eaudiobook

Summary: After John Hobbs was stopped, New York settled into a false sense of security. Their attention is turning to Evie “the Sweetheart Seerer” who has her own radio show. Soon panic descends once more upon New York with a new “sleeping sickness” where the victims fall asleep and never wake again. Evie and her friends try to figure out how to stop this illness from spreading and more Diviners come together.

Review: I liked this book a lot more than the first book. New characters are brought in, I liked them a lot. Ling is great and I loved reading about her. I also liked Evie a lot more in this book, she parties a lot more but she’s also going through trying to deal with facing Hobbs and trying to be independent.

There is a love triangle between Evie, Sam and Jericho and honestly I liked it. It wasn’t overplayed or the focus of the book. The best part is at one point Evie is trying to talk to Theda about it and Theda says “boy problems is the least interesting thing about you”. I laughed so much at that, it really poked fun at itself which I liked. I also loooove any fake dating trope like the one between Evie and Sam. Honestly I like Evie and Sam together more than Jericho. I think Jericho is boring. Though I do think he and Mabel are cute together so maybe I just think Evie and Jericho are boring.

I was a little disappointed that the two (well one isn’t confirmed but) LGBT couples ended up the old dead gay trope way. Like, why can’t they just be together? Or at least be alive. This book is really diverse but only straight couples seem allowed to be together. I hope this changes in the next book.

I was excited to learn these books are taking place in the same universe as the Gemma Doyle books. I loved that series, it’s what drew me to Libba Bray in the first place. I hope we can see some sort of interaction with characters from those books.

I really enjoyed seeing the Diviners coming together and I hope they open up to each other about their powers. I feel like Jericho has some sort of power that just hasn’t been discovered yet. And maybe even Mabel.

I really enjoyed this book, it was fun from beginning to end and I’m eager for the next book to come out in October.

Recommendation: Libba Bray is one of my favorite authors so I can’t help but recommend her books. This is a great sequel and it’s shaping into a terrific series. If you like paranormal mysteries I’d check it out.



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