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Jim Henson’s Labyrinth review

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth A. C. H. Smith

Star rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars

Format: library hardback

Summary: The novelization of the movie Labyrinth, Sarah wishes her baby brother away to live with the goblins and instantly regrets her wish. She strikes a deal with Jareth the Goblin King to solve his labyrinth and find her brother in thirteen hours.

Review: Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies, and David Bowie is one of my all time favorite musicians (rip Ziggy). I actually had someone who saw me reading this book comment that they were surprised I hadn’t read it before. I’m a little surprised myself but I’ve also had a hard time tracking down a copy of the book. I finally thought to check the library (hey, I’ve only just gotten back into libraries this year give me a break) and I requested it to be shipped to my branch.

Now the book, it’s good. It’s not really dumbed down and doesn’t shy away from things you think it might in the novelization. (Like at one point Jareth muses that Sarah is too old to turn into a goblin yet too young to take as a lover, essentially.) I like that we get to see more into Jareth and his thought process in this book. I still ship the crap out of Jareth and (older) Sarah but the book gave me more reason to doubt that could be canon. Which you know, she is an underage girl and he’s immortal so I’m not going to argue it. I actually appreciate him not being pervy towards her.

It was interesting reading how the musical scenes changed in the novel, they’re basically the same yet there is no singing and dancing so the tone is a bit different. At least for me it was. The fireys were way more annoying though, instead of lasting one song they stick around for a good two chapters. I could have done without that, thanks.

The book gives a bit of more an idea of how the labyrinth itself works too, which was fascinating to me. It gave some insight into what a lot of characters are thinking that you don’t get with the movie.

Overall, it was good. I don’t know if I would read it again, I’d much prefer to listen to David Bowie sing. I’m glad I read it though, it just felt like one of those things that needed to be read.

Recommendation: If you’re not a die hard fan of the movie I can’t imagine that you’d like this book. If you do love the movie it’s worth a read, it has some insights that are cool. Also there are some editions of this book, like the one I read, that has extras in the back of concept art and scans of Jim Henson’s notes for creating the movie. Those were way cool.



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