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Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems review

Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems by Josceline Fenton

Star Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Format: library graphic novel

Summary: Steven takes the gems on a camping trip, while telling ghost stories, Garnet and Pearl share a ghost story they used to tease Amethyst with. They swear the story is made up but Steven begins to doubt that when he finds evidence of the ghost from the story.

Review: I really enjoyed this graphic novel, Steven Universe is my favorite show so I love consuming any additional material aside from the show. I really liked that the art was very similar to the show, kinda drives me nuts when I pick up comics based of cartoons and the art style is completely different.

The story reads like an episode of the show, there was character development and a whole plot. I liked that there was a big focus on the corrupted gem and Steven trying to help. Corrupted gems really pull at my heart strings (aside from Jasper she can fall into a chasm) so I was glad to see the story gave it the attention it deserves.

I am left with a lot of questions about the corrupted gem though. I know since this is a comic it will likely never be addressed in the show but what sort of gem was it supposed to be? They guessed it might be a Quartz but what quartz can turn people into glass? What gem can phase through walls for that matter? I need to know more! I do hope one day in the show Steven is able to find a way to help the corrupted gems to be able to heal. That’s my dream.

I do like that Pearl and Garnet used a ghost story to try to keep Amethyst more under control. I found that pretty amusing, because Amethyst is pretty hard to keep under control as it is and I can only imagine what she was like when she was a younger gem.

Recommendation: If you’re a fan of the show this is definitely worth picking up and reading. It was super cute and a great story. I could read this multiple times, it’s pretty great.



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