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Jessica Jones. Alias, Vol. 1 review

Jessica Jones. Alias, Vol. 1 by Brian Michael Bendis

Star Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Format: library graphic novel

Summary: Jessica Jones has hung up her cape, so to speak. She tried the costumed hero gig but found that it wasn’t the right fit for her. She now runs her own private investigations office.

Review: I picked this up because I really liked the Netflix show. I’ve also liked Jessica Jones in Young Avengers, she was one of the first to say these kids have every right to fight as heroes. And the new Hawkeye series she pops up as a mentor for Kate and it’s great. So I figure it was time to read something focused on her.

So the art is pretty annoying. It’s a lot of shadows and idk it looks lazy. I get the look they are going for but it isn’t working for me. There are so many damn shadows sometimes I’m not sure what the fuck is going on.

The storyline is pretty good, following Jessica on her day to day of being a private eye. I don’t really see an overall arc yet, but hopefully in the next volume that becomes clear. I’m not sure if the comics and the show follow the same kind of plot or not.

Jessica is a great character. I like her a lot. She takes on missing person cases when people can’t afford to pay her, showing a lot of empathy. I also like how she’s trying to get away from her superhero persona but she can’t seem to escape that part of her life. She does smoke like a chimney though which is nasty.

Luke Cage makes an appearance as a one night stand and I’m just like please can you guys get married, have Danielle and hire Squirrel Girl as their nanny. I really need to find that series… Also Carol Danvers is in this as well and she’s… Kinda a bitch? I haven’t really read anything with her before but yikes, would not want her as a friend.

Recommendation: It was a fun read, it was cool to be able to read “fuck” actually written out and not a bunch of symbols. Check it out!



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