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December 2017 wrap-up and 2018 goals

Happy Holidays, everyone. Reading took a back burner for me during the holiday season. And what I did read, I wrote a whole less of reviews for. Even still I was able to read a good amount this month. I had a good Christmas, got to see my in-laws and my family. Plus Charlotte was super into Christmas this year since she actually was able to understand what was going on for the most part.

So what did I read this month:

The Indigo Girl – DNF
Adventure Time: Seeing Red
Sex Criminals Vol. 3
Lumberjanes Vol. 3
Murder, Magic and What We Wore
Monstress vol. 1
Jessica Jones alias vol 3
A Wrinkle in Time
America vol. 1
Archie vol. 1
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl vol. 4
Princess Leia
Sense & Sensibility graphic novel
Poe Dameron vol. 2
Adventure Time: Bitter Sweets
Steven Universe: Too Cool for School
The Afterlife of Holly Chase
Star Wars vol. 3
Rat Queens vol. 4
Anacaona: Golden Flower, Haiti, 1490

Did not finish: 1
Library books: 16
ARCs: 3
Books I already own: 1
Total read: 20

Overall total for 2017: 188

Going into 2018, I have several challenges and goals I wish to achieve during this next year. I plan to participate in the Popsugar challenge again this year, I like the prompts a lot this year. I set my goodreads goal to 210 books, this year I had it set to 55 and ended up reading 188 so I want to try to make it a bigger challenge. I want to cut back on the ARCs I apply for, I think I went a little overboard this year and I’m still trying to catch up. I’m also going to try to participate in a Murderino reading challenge that the official My Favorite Murder Instagram regramed.

Kinda sounds like a lot but I think it’s doable. I think if I try hard I can make it happen. Also, I know I always say this but I want to be more active on my Instagram. I want to work on having more and better pictures.

Happy New Year!


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