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Hannah Carmack Guest Post: How to Rock at #TwitterPitch Events

Like the rest of the world, the publishing industry changes at the turn of a dime. Whether it’s the paper to e-reader revolution or the unstoppable momentum Young Adult fiction has picked up over the past ten years, it’s important for aspiring and working writers alike to keep up with the trends in publishing.

As of late, the #TwitterPitch party has been making major waves. During #TwitterPitch events, authors use their twitter character count to pitch their current projects to potential agents and publishers who are scanning twitter for the entire day, looking for potential authors to add to their client list.

How legitimate are these social media driven pitch parties? I’ll admit, at first, I was skeptical. Could anything genuine (and legal) come from a 180-character shout into the twitter-void? Turns out, the answer is yes. That’s how I got my debut-novel Seven-Sided Spy published through NineStar Press. It’s not uncommon to see small-presses participating alongside agents in these day long events.

That said, the entire pool of reps and agents is not limited to the indie/small-press side of things. Even notable agencies like Park Literary Media and Nelson Liteary Agency have agents participating in the event.

So how can you make your pitch stand out from the rest? Do your research! The best way to craft a solid twitter-pitch is to see what other pitches have been successful. The pitch which got me published was a comparison title pitch, which are fairly popular at these kinds of events:


Another popular and successful pitch format is the age-old logline formula. Tired and true, get your central character and conflict out first thing. The goal with these events is to be as attention-grabbing and precise as possible, while also keeping it short and sweet. You don’t need to fit every little detail into your pitch, you just need to give the agents enough of a taste that they’re intrigued and want more.

If you’re interested in participating in a #TwitterPitch event, @writevent ( has an amazing and free database where you can see everything going on in the twittersphere in one place. But, before you jump in, be sure to review tagging suggestions and rules for each event. They want it to be as friendly and professional as possible. So, get out there and have your voice heard. Best of luck on all your future writings!

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