Non review post · wrap-up

February 2018 wrap-up

February was kind of uneventful but also just super strange. Sacramento was hit by snow/hail in a storm. Whatever it was it was too cold as there was ice on the roads and I DO NOT LIVE WHERE I DO BECAUSE I WANT TO DRIVE ON ICE. But besides that, got my Christmas tree down (finally had a chance where I wasn’t sick or busy) and that’s about all. Oh, and my husband’s car is pretty much dead so now we have to figure out replacing that. But it’ll work out.

Reading wise, not too shabby. I have caught up on all my podcasts so I’ve been downloading and listening to audiobooks while I do chores. It’s been a good way to read books I’ve been wanting to read but I also don’t own. Also a lot of graphic novels. Regular books, I’ve been slacking on. I’m also trying to read a Charlotte Brontë book that I haven’t read before so the difficulty level is slightly higher. It requires much more concentration to get through and with a two year old, she wants all my attention.

Books read this month:

The Wicker King
Loki, Agent of Asgard, vol. 3
Adventure Time: Masked Mayhem
The Walking Dead, book 1
Anne’s Colors
The Hollow Girl
Jessica Jones: The Pulse
Hawkeye, vol. 2
Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat vol. 2
Princeless, vol. 1
Before the Devil Breaks You
Surrender the Pink
Ms. Marvel, vol. 2
When Dimple met Rishi
Adventure Time: The Four Castles
The Walking Dead, book 2
Lost Girl
Jessica Jones, vol. 1
All-new Wolverine, vol. 1
Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat, vol. 3
Vengeance Road

Library books: 18
ARCs & galleys: 3
Books I already own: 1
Books I read this month: 23

The next month will include my husband’s thirtieth birthday and some wedding events for my sister who gets married in April. I need to focus on finishing the books I’ve got rather than library books but you know how it goes. I think I say that every month. And how much has it changed? Like none. Oh well.


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