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Bad Feminist review

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

Star rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars

Format: library eaudiobook

Summary: Roxane Gay presents a book of essays that are combination of memoir, a look at society, culture and the feminist movement.

Review: I really liked this book a whole lot. The concept that Gay presents about being a “bad feminist” is one I can really identify with. I like how she admits to struggling with knowing that a song has a misogynistic message but still has a great catchy tune. The pressure to be totally unproblematic as a feminist can be overwhelming and I think Gay really nails this issue within her book.

There is way more to this book than just that. The book can fluctuate from serious and emotional to funny and geeky as well. The essay detailing Gay’s competitive Scrabble games were especially entertaining. She has a lot of opinions on popular books, tv shows and movies which were entertaining to hear.

Roxane Gay is a black woman whose parents are immigrants, giving her a different perspective than my own. She brings up a lot of points I wouldn’t have thought of before but that make a lot of sense once she points them out. She has an essay on privilege which I thought was especially poignant.

As funny as the book can be, it can also be extremely emotional. Gay is a rape survivor and speaks openly about it in her book. She also speaks about triggers and trigger warnings and I really liked that essay because it really nailed a lot of my feelings on them.

I didn’t always agree with Gay’s opinions but I can understand where she’s coming from and she writes well. She almost swayed my opinion on Orange is the New Black, but I still can’t quit that show.

Recommendation: I think this book is well worth the read, the essays are great and it covers a little bit of everything. I enjoyed it immensely, definitely made me want to read more of her books.

Challenge prompt: A book about feminism.



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