Non review post · wrap-up

June 2018 wrap-up

I almost completely forgot about needing to write a June wrap-up post. We’re in the middle of getting ready for our annual family camping trip. I’m not looking forward to it, I hate camping and the beach and we camp on the beach. I could bear it if it was three to five days at most but we go for nine fucking days. I can’t deal. It’s too damn long. But I’m hoping maybe I can get a lot of reading done? Who knows. Last year I didn’t read much. The on.y good point is that I’ll be making up my hours at work for the week I am gone the week after and I’ll be working five days a week that week instead of three. Which I’m super excited to do.

This month has been nice. Lots of great summer reading program activities we’ve been taking. Advantage of at our local branch. One week they had horses, the next week they had snakes. Both animals my daughter loved. She’s going to end up wanting some type of creepy crawly reptile I just know it. They’ve also been doing free lunches on weekdays at the library for kids. This has been so nice because I have such a hard time getting Charlotte to eat, but being around other kids and seeing them eat really helps her. She wants to be like big kids so she starts eating more than I could manage at home when we go.

So here’s what I read in June:

Occupy Avengers vol. 2
Bad Feminist
Sex Criminals vol. 4
Hawkeye vol. 3
The Mighty Thor vol. 4
Lumberjanes vol. 8
Perfect is Boring
Swing Time
The Witch Boy
All-new Wolverine vol. 4
The Walking Dead book six
Over the Garden Wall vol. 3
Girls Made of Snow and Glass
All-new, all-different Avengers vol. 2
Jem and the Holograms vol. 2
Beastly Bones
Ms. Marvel vol. 8
B.E.K. Vol. 1
Princeless vol. 3
Moonstruck vol. 1
All-new Wolverine vol. 5
Undead Girl Gang
Poe Dameron vol. 4

ARC/galleys: 0
Books I already own: 1
Library books: 23
Total books read: 24

I’m almost done with Villette by Charlotte Brontë which has been taking me forever to read. I’m going to breathe such a sigh of relief if I can mark that book down in July’s wrap up post.


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