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Tsarina review

Tsarina by J. Nelle Patrick

Star rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 stars

Format: hardcover

Summary: Natalya is a member of the Russian court, she learns about a secret magical egg from Alexei Romanov that keeps the royal family in power. When the revolution begins she works to locate the fabrege egg and save Russia.

Review: This was a pretty fun book. Not the most historically accurate by any means, but when I read the description about a magic fabrege egg, I didn’t think it would be.

I liked the main character Natalya a lot. I thought she was a character that you wanted to root for and that she had a lot of growth within the novel. I liked how the book gave you perspectives of both sides of the conflict here with Natalya and then Leo. I think the author tried hard to make it clear that no one side was in the right.

I liked how Natalya failed to do what she set out to do. I mean it did work for the historical aspect of it but I wasn’t sure if the author would end up writing an alternate history speculative thing or not.

The only thing I think that I would have wanted to see with the book is for Natalya and her friend Emilia to reconcile at the end. I know Natalya is writing to her to explain things but I would like to see Emilia’s response and how things ended for her.

This book definitely held my attention and pulled me into the world. I was eager to keep reading this book and find out what happened next in the story and how it all would end.

Recommendation: If you are interested in the Russian revolution and like YA, this was a fun book to pick up.

Challenge Prompt: A book set in a country that fascinates you.


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