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Wonder Woman: Warbringer review

Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo

Star Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Format: library eaudiobook

Summary: Diana leaves her protected home to help a mortal girl named Alia. She is a Warbringer, a descendant of Helen of Troy who creates conflict and war around her.

Review: I wasn’t sure if this book would tie into the comics or movies but it turned out to be neither. Which was cool, it was a brand new story of its own. It’s an origin story for Wonder Woman that I’d personally never seen, she leaves her home and goes to the mortal world in contemporary times. (I feel like this sentence makes little sense but it’s going to be lost on me until later when I reread the posted review and know how I should have worded it).

I liked the story, it was fun and I thought it really fit in well with Wonder Woman. She’s trying to save the world but also an individual. I liked how the Amazons worshipped many different goddesses, not just Greek. There’s a lot of Greek myth influence in it as well so that’s not missing from this story.

The characters were great, I liked how they all interacted with each other. Wonder Woman and the modern, mortal world and how they react to her as well. I thought it was interesting how she is an outcast on her home island, that she isn’t considered a true Amazon.

Bardugo brings a lot of great action and emotion to this story too. She brings the same level of great writing from her other books to this one. I liked her book Six of Crows a lot, and I was curious how her interpretation of Wonder Woman would turn out. I really liked it, I’m not sure if these new DC novels will have sequels but I would be very interested to read one for this if they did come out with any.

Recommendation: My interest in DC is fairly limited, but I do really like Wonder Woman– I think this was a great novel about her. It was fun and had a lot of heart, I would definitely recommend this book if you like Wonder Woman.

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