Becoming review

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Star Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Format: library eaudiobook

Summary: Michelle Obama’s memoir explores her life, from a young girl growing up in Southside Chicago, going to Princeton and then Harvard, as a young lawyer, her romance with Barrack– all culminating in her becoming FLOTUS.

Review: Wow. This book was so amazing. It had great humor, it was moving, inspiring and I just devoured this book. This book had so many things within and was so fascinating. I really recommend the audiobook because Michelle Obama reads it herself and it just made everything so much more impactful getting to hear it straight from her.

Right out the bat, I wished she would have given us more about the hand over to Trump, how the tour of the White House with him and Melania went etc. But– I get why she didn’t, I mean Michelle is classy lady, so I imagine she’s exercising the if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all practice.

There were lots of things I found moving in this book, but what hit me in particular was when she wrote about miscarriages. It was so emotional and completely honest, it’s sad but it was really reassuring to read about other people’s experience with miscarriage. It’s so common yet rarely talked about and kept hushed up. It was great that she questioned this.

This is a very powerful, feminist memoir. I didn’t even think about how taking on First Lady could effectively rob Michelle of her own identity. She went to Princeton, Harvard law school, was a lawyer, helped start a nonprofit, worked as a dean of a hospital and more. She was a career woman through and through, she took up projects as First Lady but she had to give up her own sense of self she created that wasn’t tied only to being the wife of Barack.

Recommendation: I found this to be a very powerful memoir, I think it was such a good read. I highly recommend listening to the audiobook, Michelle Obama’s voice made it so much more impactful to me.

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