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To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before review

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Star rating: ★★☆☆ ☆ 2/5 stars

Format: library eaudiobook

Summary: Lara Jean’s method of moving on from a crush is to write a letter to the and then put it away in her hat box. When her letters accidentally get mailed out to the boys they are addressed to, thoughts and feelings she never intended to be shared.

Review: Good god, everyone in this book grated on my every last nerve. I can say this, they at least act like high schoolers because everyone was dumb as bricks. Lara Jean is the biggest whiner I’ve seen, I just could not like her.

Also, not into the whole creepy crushing on her sister’s ex-boyfriend. Like, I know it’s not exactly wrong or anything but it creeped me way out. Personally, I could never go after one of my sister’s exes and I would be uncomfortable if they went after one of mine. I just don’t get it and it kept me from sympathizing with Lara Jean when maybe I could have.

I was really mad at how awful Lara Jean’s sister was to her at the end of the book. I get that she felt betrayed but holy shit, what the hell. Also that her whole family was like well we heard this high school rumor so it must be true, let’s ignore everything that Lara Jean says.

You would have thought this book would have been a good one for me, it’s got fake dating which is one of my favorite tropes. But I really just hated it. I don’t think there was a single character that I liked. Everyone was so unpleasant and annoying. If I can’t connect to anyone then I have the hardest time liking a book. The plot didn’t even make up for it, it was boring at the best times.

Recommendation: I really don’t know why this book is so hyped up, it’s mediocre at best. I think there’s way better fake dating novels out there if you’re looking for that trope.

2019 Popsugar Challenge Prompt: A book with “love” in the title



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